Does that picture resonate with you? I believe it is the source of most evil.

Is it so important to be #1 that you are willing to harm yourself and others to achieve it?

Should the U.S. undermine the competition on the world stage to maintain its position as the…

How could anyone retire without passive income but some people protest that people living on passive income are leaches. They call them the Rentier Class.

Rents are not evil.

Making income off other peoples labor is not evil.

What is evil is when you are unfair to your renters or workers.


We live were living in an age of abundance. You could get almost anything in almost unlimited quantities if you had the money or could borrow it. What a difference a couple years can make.

Any of our grandchildren who remember what it was like will tell their grandchildren about…

I read a lot of News Stories, Scientific Papers and Stories here on Medium.

Almost nothing is fair and balanced. Almost everything is written to make a point or change the readers mind. Everything is a sales pitch.

I have written thousands of responses to stories here on Medium trying to point out these deceptions. Trying to present some balance the stories missed. I am often taking a devils advocate position, not defending what I might believe but sometimes pointing out the flaws in stories that support positions that I too support.

The ends do not justify the means. The full truth will set us free. Even a tiny distortion or deception damages our credibility.


It was not the first time. It still moved me as much as ever.

I was watching Netflix, Lucifer. Lucifer and Rory piano and guitar duet. So beautiful. They were better than the original.

Such opposition, the song of comfort that is no relief for the angst.

Cry with joy for those who get relief.

Cry in anguish for those that don’t.

Just cry because you need the release.

What drug does crying release into your system.

It is not the first time the sound track from this show has blindsided me.

The show might be corny but it has its powerful moments.


I originally wrote this as a response to

If You Don’t Understand the Infinite Game You’ll Believe the Bitcoin Network Will Fail | The Price of Tomorrow (

I love this:"instead of trying to stop deflation at all cost, we embrace it?" I would love it if we would…

I know that some people bear huge burdens but everyone can’t be that busy.

I have a full time job and usually work from 8am to 6:30pm. I do the cooking for my wife and I, we don’t do takeout or go to restaurants. I do the shopping. I do…

Boomers have more experience using computers than any generation.

"The younger generation that grew up during the Computer and Information Age are very familiar with using the Internet and digital technologies."

I have been using computers to do my work since 1980. More than 40 years. I have been surfing…

You can’t have everything even if you are very rich. If I had to choose two of the three, Healthy, Wealthy or Wise. If I was wise I would choose healthy. If you choose wealth over either wisdom or health, well you are clearly not wise, you are a sociopath. It is my understanding this quote did not originate with Franklin and I could skip the whole early to bed part.

It would be wise if, we, the people of the U.S.A. focused more health and the welfare of our communities and less on wealth. The metrics we should focus on are longevity, infant mortality, poverty, violence and not GDP and stock market indices.


Before the pandemic someone talking about the exploitation of a work force, for me, conjured images of Slavery or Sweatshops in third world countries.

I grew up in a small, less the 5000 people, rural mill town. Factory jobs were coveted. I don’t think mill workers felt exploited. In a…

Tim Knowles

Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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