Elon does not have it all worked out and what he does plan will obviously be revised along the way. There is nothing wrong with that. A plan is just that and what is the famous quote about plans and first contact?

With that a background I have a suggestion for consideration. While I think Starships are awesome, the interplanetary transport should look more like the International Space Station than than one of his Starships. That interplanetary transport should also incorporate centripetal acceleration to simulate gravity as well.

The interplanetary transport should be a cycler like was proposed by Buzz…

I am not so much a subscriber. Less so now than decades ago. For most of my life my subscriptions didn’t provide me with good value. I have just three subscriptions right now Netflix, Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited. I used to subscribe to print publications but now I get better content online for free without waiting for delivery and all that waste of paper. Two of the nation’s most popular “newspapers” limit access unless you have a subscription. I find myself reading CNN or others instead of NY Times or WAPO. …

I see graphs like the one above and then I read quotes like “anyone who bought a year ago is sitting on a nearly 550% gain” and wonder if it doesn’t cause people to speculate when they should be investing. Note, the quote is also a lie. It assumes that anyone who bought a year ago is still holding the same quantity of that item. Certainly some of the buyers have already sold.

Are some people treating the markets like lotteries. Are the putting all their disposable income into Market/Lotteries? I feel like a lot of people are trying to get rich quick. I wonder who is pushing this get rich quick narrative.

I feel this is evil. It is going to be painful for the majority who fall for it.


Your story has a lot of truth but it is not the whole truth.

"a modern form of feudalism that puts a small, powerful elite at the top with promises to take care of their friends."

Describes how U.S. national democracy has work for more than a century as much as it describes fascism.


It is probably me but Medium is not holding my interest like it used to. I find myself unfollowing people because either their writing has become stale or it turns out they are just not that good. I can’t brag, I am not that good either.

I still follow some good writers/publications but when they write something that does not interest me it keeps getting pushed at the top of my feed and if I don’t at least open it, it will stay their for a very long time. …

How come we have to be so focused on growth and not productivity or yield. More means more bad along with the good.

Growing the workforce put downward pressure on wages, causes more pollution and more competition for rents and homes. Population growth puts a greater burden on existing infrastructure (power grid, schools, highways, water systems. You can try to live better by being bigger but it is established that it is more likely you will live better in a country that being better is more important than being bigger. Focus on quality not quantity.

GDP per capita is more…

Credit to Shutterstock

Have our public and private institutions been infiltrated by people using their positions and power not for their sworn obligations but for personal enrichment and to satisfy evil desires.

How many became Priest just for access to vulnerable minors. How many became cops so the could bully and beat people. How many became politicians so they could take bribes. How many became doctors so they could molest women.

My respect for authority mostly comes in the form of caution. I don’t want to get crosswise with any person with authority. Sometimes I think it is foolish to not hide my writing here behind a pseudonym. My wife certainly thinks so.

People with power can’t be trusted.


We have know for a long time, maybe even forever that the rich and privileged have always had their fingers on the scales of justice. Money and power have kept many evil persons from being brought to justice. Conversely the poor and weak innocent persons are often wrongly convicted or convinced to give false confessions to avoid being dragged through a prosecution that they have little chance will give them justice.

Enforcement agencies are coconspirators is this tragedy as they are glad to round up and punish the usual weak and poor suspects who might only be suspects because law…

I posted somethings to a forum today and the moderators deleted it. Deleted it without explanation or warning. I can’t recover it. It had a fair amount of research and writing effort that I will not ever be able to duplicate. I was answering a forum members questions about COVID. His questions were also deleted. I have only vague recollections about what I wrote. I am sad it is lost. I would publish it here. It was a valuable piece of writing if I may say so.

If you make yourself a fool the internet will keep a permanent record but if you say something wise in the wrong place it will be lost forever.


The question for Nancy and Mitch, what gives you the right to take the shot away from someone at greater risk?

These people think they are special. I say bullshit. They are just citizens and have no more rights to privilege than anyone else.

Yes, maybe the President and critical national security staff. Maybe, most everyone has a back up. The president goes down we have a vice president and even a process for if we lose both of them. In the various departments of the executive they certainly have a succession plan. In congress, we could lose 50% and…

Tim Knowles

Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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