Andrei, I believe you do make some good points. Dealerships around here could accept cash but they don’t because of the security issues for large amounts of cash. We bought the motorcycle new from a Honda dealer but the price was less than $10,000. They would not take a credit card. I think that is because of the fees the card companies charge. The last time I bought a car I paid with a check and of course they called the bank to verify the funds available. Nobody around here accepts Ether or Bitcoin. Nobody will pay me in Ether or Bitcoin.

My employer only does direct deposit so I have to make withdrawals to have cash. I can get $500 a day per account from ATM’s that is over $175,000 a year from a single account. Of course I could make bigger withdrawals at the counter. With the current surveillance state, no telling what kind of activity would be monitored and Law Enforcement seems to confiscate cash if it finds it in large quantities. Laws about this are not right.

It is partly through ignorance and partly because the Blockchain process is so complicated on the user end but I have no interest in Crypo Currencies for my personal use. I follow news about them but really they suck for what I need money to do. It would be too easy for it to SNAFU. Crypto is a solution to a problem I don’t have.




Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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