Blurred Political/Religious Lines

I hate feeling like a bigot but there are Political/Religious things that will cause me to discriminate. Not all discrimination is evil. It is not right to label opposition to Israeli settlements in the West Bank as anti-Semitic religious discrimination. Opposition to Christian Nationalists is also not religious discrimination. It is political discrimination and is legal and moral and righteous. Political movements are hiding behind religious cloaks to shelter their immoral desires. These American and Israeli Nationalist cry religious discrimination trying to blur the lines between religion and politics. They are no better than the Fundamentalist Islamic Terrorists. They are not religious movements they are political movements and are not at least in most of America protected from discrimination by law. Hiding behind a religions' cloak makes you a coward. Call me an anti-Semite for opposing Israeli settlements in the West Bank or anti- Christian opposing School Leaders directing prayers in public schools but it won’t stick. I don’t discriminate against Christians or Jews or Islamist or Buddhists or any religion. I discriminate against politics I dislike. Guess what, that is legal and moral.




Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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