Can you drop the buzz words and be specific regarding:

Regenerative practitioners

Systemic design

Business models with synergy

Vibrant local economies

I don't mind if you provide links instead of your own words but I did some searches on Regenerative practitioners and it was all marketing and seminar type corporate training. I have been subjected to enough of that. How about specific regenerative practices, you know like waste water or storm water treatments that restore aquifers or farming practices the restore soils or land management that promotes pollinators. It seems the people who claim to be Regenerative Practitioners just teach seminars.

Systemic design seems to be a new buzz word that is just Systems Engineering rebranded. Long ago we learned that you should not design anything in isolation you have to design for the lifecycle in an integrated system of systems. From raw material to obsolesce and disposal with impacts to and interfaces with the total eco system given due consideration.

Business models with synergy. Did you have to use the word synergy. Every snake oil salesperson uses that word.

I would think that regenerative practitioners are people who improve the environment and eco systems, if they happen to sustainably produce a product or service that is ok. There is nothing regenerative about conducting seminars either in person or on-line.

I have yet to meet anyone who is not net extractive to the eco-system. Nobody who puts back more than they take.


Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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