Clear Gold

I originally wrote this as a response to a Medium article on Climate change that said, “Water will be the new Gold.” It seems to me it is a worthy story on its own.

Water will not be the new gold; it will be the new oil. Right now, oil is still essential to our way of life and so is water. Oil is becoming less available and is controlled by cartels. We are hostage to the Oil Cartels until we can kick the habit. Not all water is under the control of the Oligarchs, Monopolists and Plutocrats but just wait. What happened in the Western U.S.A. could spread where water rights are granted by political authorities everywhere.

We, my wife and I, worry about our water. Not because it will run out but because we worry, we could be the next Flint. Sometimes our tap water seems off. My wife has a test kit, but it can’t test for everything. We filter our drinking water. While since Katrina we have not personally been under a boil water order many nearby communities have. The infrastructure is fragile. How do we know that the reports on our water quality are true and meaningful? We will not run out of water but how to be sure it will be fit for consumption and won’t cost a fortune. We do keep bottled water on hand for emergencies like hurricanes, but we rarely drink it. We also have 2ea. 55 gal. drums of water for emergencies as well.

I don’t care where you live, you are a fool if you take water for granted.

Did you know some places it is illegal to collect rainwater. Seriously.




Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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