“Do we give a check to every citizen regardless of their income?” Yes.
You said “It seems silly to give thousands of dollars to people who are already highly paid. Do we want to run money in a circle, taking taxes from high-income earners only to run them through the bureaucracy and give the money back to the same people? That’s madness, isn’t it?” It is not madness and it does not increase the bureaucracy it decreases it. Not much bureaucracy required to send everyone who qualifies a check. As far as people who get checks who make to much money, they will be completing a tax form anyway simple to send the money back along with their other taxes. If we eliminate any other aid to the poor the net result is a smaller bureaucracy.

The pubic/private non-profits will compete with for profit companies and put them out of business. Who is going to decide which kinds of work to nationalize/make non-profit. How many of these make work jobs are just going to turn into no-show jobs or people just leaning on shovels? If the Red Cross is going to give everyone free Cholesterol blood tests and Diabetes tests it is going to eat into Quest Labs business. If you can make $15 an hour for leaning on a shovel how much are you going to have to pay someone to clean the toilets in the park, $30 an hour? Would you really fire someone in a make work job if they really don’t do much work?

Just some thoughts.


Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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