Good stuff.

Sometimes you assign meaning to words that are not the same for me.


If you do the latter, then you’ll miss out on life, relationships, and friendships. Work hard at what you do and enjoy it to the extant you can, but remember that no matter how much you get accomplished today, your inbox and workload will be full tomorrow. Focus instead on what matters in this life (hint: people).

Is not universal. I am more at a point in my life where I worry that no one will put anything in my inbox, I will have no work at work. They will give my work to someone else. I am past needing to work to live, I could retire. I want to work, to stay relevant to the people I work with. To be needed and to add value. To make their life and job better.

I came back from retirement to help start a company that would employ my laid-off friends.

Not saying that your idea is invalid, just does not apply to everyone. Well, except the “focus instead on what matters in this life” that part is kind of universal.


Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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