Honey Do’s

Tim Knowles
1 min readJul 25, 2023

This is an old response I made to a post 5 years ago here on Medium. A reader liked it recently so now I have made it a story. Please enjoy. It is not meant has a scold.

Ladies, I hope you value the unpaid work done by men that you don’t even mention, not a peep about landscaping and lawn maintenance, car maintenance, home maintenance, home improvements, tutoring, scout leadership, church responsibilities, pool maintenance, community service, etc.

I don’t think that unpaid work is undervalued or at least the unpaid work done by women, much appreciation is heaped upon Mothers and Caregivers.

Maybe you don’t have husbands or they don’t have a long
“Honey Do” list. Most of the men I know (who are not yet retired) have a full time paid job plus overtime, paid and unpaid and a long list of unpaid work to be accomplished. Since you did not even mention the usually male unpaid responsibilities they are probably undervalued.

In a persons life time child care and elder care probably only occur for 25 or 30 years but the mostly male responsibilities span 50 years or more. Even as a child and teenager I had more unpaid/underpaid responsibilities than my sister.




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