How can so many people claim to be so busy?

I know that some people bear huge burdens but everyone can’t be that busy.

I have a full time job and usually work from 8am to 6:30pm. I do the cooking for my wife and I, we don’t do takeout or go to restaurants. I do the shopping. I do the landscaping for our home and my freestanding office building. You know, cut the grass, edge, weed, water, trim, plant. I do my own laundry and all the office dishes and half the home dishes. I clean the office and help with cleaning at home. I still have time for exercise and hobby projects. I write here on Medium. I still have time for a couple hours of Netflix each night. I help with the pets, more pets than most people have. I do get every other Friday off along with the weekends. Yes, most of the yard work and laundry gets done on weekends. I guess maybe most of the people who can justifiably complain about the lack of time are either parents with children under 16 or poor people who have to work two jobs. I would say to overworked parents, you did this to yourself, you should not complain. If you are blaming your partner, well, you made that choice as well. To the poor working to survive, I will support measures that relieve that burden.

Maybe we should do something about parental leave and unaffordable child care but until we do, adults who choose to have kids know the score before they do it.


Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years