“How does this piece make you feel?” It makes me feel reflective.

Your words are worth reading. I have heard Nigger used to describe undesirable white people in my community. I don’t think the word has a positive connotation in any lingo but I could be mistaken. I don’t think I am a Nigger.

Violent extremist do not go away quietly.

“The result is intellectually narrow, emotionally stunted, rapaciously violent white men who think a mythical group of people are “replacing” them-despite all evidence to the contrary.” Actually I think that poor white men are being replaced or more like they are replacing those they despise at the bottom of the food chain. Could it be that the Elites are replacing poor white men with poor blacks and poor women as their go to source of minimum wage labor? Who would want a misogynistic racist troublemaker in their work place, better to hire a black or woman or better yet a young black woman. Not going to have to worry about racist or misogynist, hey if that causes trouble you can replace all the white male workers with the disadvantaged.

Just an anecdote as a parting shot. I was told second or even third hand that a local contractor only hired “Mexicans” because they were harder workers than Niggers and that White Boys were the laziest and weakest.


Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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