I am glad to read your words but some time I don’t understand you. Thanks for writing.

This might not going to seem right to you at first but, “racism acknowledges our diversity, bigotry devalues it.”

I do not encourage racism, we have more than enough and I will work to stamp out bigotry. We are different and because of that we are more than one plus one. I wish to include Blacks and others in American culture. We do include Blacks in American culture. American culture is Racist, it is bigoted and it is not all good. We need to work to make it get better faster, right now we seem to be doing more excluding than including. So yes, your are right “to concentrate more on methods of progress that will actually yield tangible results.”

Man if all you have to be proud of is the color of your skin, I pity you (not the you you but them). White Supremacists are pitiful. Even more sad is that they are trying to undo some important progress.

I don’t claim to be or want to be colorblind, I want the rainbow. None of us is white were are all people of color, I am tan, I like pink women with freckles, girls with spots are the best. Just kidding, it is a half serious joke.

No two people are the same. Many black people in this country got a raw deal, slavery was bad and Jim Crow was worse but even worse was the Trail of Tears. The crimes that white men inflicted on others are legend but still not as bad as the Crimes that white men inflicted on other white men, Hitler and Stalin come to mind. That does not give me “White Guilt” my skin color does not make me who I am, I am not those crimes.

I will work to end Bigotry but not out of guilt. I will do what is right because it is right.


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Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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