I don’t think you are framing the debate properly. It is clear you have a bias.

First “But basic, commonsense legislation could save untold lives.” Basic commonsense legislation clearly is not enough. It is not working something much more restrictive is necessary if you want to save untold lives.

First we had the National Firearms Act enacted on June 26, 1934.

Then next we had Gun Control Act enacted on October 22, 1968

We got background checks starting with Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act enacted on November 30, 1993

We got an assault weapons ban with the Federal Assault Weapons Ban enacted September 13, 1994

There are many state and local registration and prohibition laws in place in cities and states across the nation. The laws are not common sense and many are unenforceable or ineffective.

If you really want to save lives we will need to pass draconian gun control laws. You will need to take guns away from people. Past attempts to use gun control to save lives have been of little effect except restricting the rights of lawful gun owners, they did not save many lives and that is why the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was allowed to sunset. Nobody could show it did any meaningful good.

If you are going to stop the killing by controlling guns you really need to take control of the guns and not let civilians have them except on a very limited basis.

The analogy to cars is pretty silly on many fronts. Even regarding the number of deaths. Cars kill more people than guns and if you don’t count suicides then cars kill twice as many people as guns.

How am I supposed to do a background check before I give my brother a gun as a Christmas present?

With the already out of control surveillance state it might seem silly to not want to have to give the government one more way to track me and what I do but I am a bit tired of the Federal Government digging into my business.

I would put up with all this if it would save thousands of lives, yes I would because I do care about people but if what worked in Australia does not work here I want might rights back. The laws need a sunset just like the assault weapons ban so if people agree they worked they can be renewed and if they are ineffective then they are gone.


Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years