I provide links to support my ideas with facts. I used data from 2016 because it was the most current I found.

It is clear my leading question was correct as you confirmed your bias.

The internment of children is reprehensible.

How many Migrant Children do you sponsor in your home? Without many more sponsors internment of children is unavoidable. Even Sweden detains Migrant Children. I don’t know of any country that does not detain Migrants.

Even the U.N High Commission on Refugees acknowledges the necessity for detention.

Ensure that conditions of detention where detention is necessary and unavoidable meet international standards by, inter alia, securing access to places of immigration detention for UNHCR and/or our partners and carrying out regular monitoring.

If we stopped detaining migrants they would end up homeless on our streets as they would overflow the homeless shelters. Most of the migrants in the caravans do not have sponsors, nobody to take them in.

There are reasonable complaints about the quality of our detention facilities. To a degree it is understandable since some of them were constructed in a great hurry because of the caravans but it is surely substandard also because the current administration wishes migrants to understand that they will be mistreated, partly as a deterrent and partly as a political maneuver to energize it racist base and antagonize its opponents.




Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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