I read it but it seems to not apply to me. I use my Visa card for almost all my purchases. I do not need to weigh the cash in hand to evaluate the proprity of a purchase I buy what I buy because I can and have reasons like food on the table or medicines or toys or well you get it. I have not cash flow problems. Thirty five years of credit card use an I have not paid the total balance due only one month in all that time and I could have that month but it would have reduced the checking account balance to a level that made me uncomfortable. Now my paycheck and my credit card balance are automatically transacted electronically. I don’t get a check or write a check. I check the account from time to time to see that things are moving properly and once in a while I have to tell them to credit my account with the cash back rewards from the credit card. Oh, they gave me some cash when I got this credit card. Except for that one month I have never paid any interest and I have never paid a fee. Same deal on the checking account never paid a fee. The interest is paltry but they don’t charge me a fee and give me free checks and a safe deposit box I don’t use. Free Cashiers check that I have used maybe twice.

Can someone explain to me how anything is going to improve on this system? More cash back? Fees less than zero, better customer service?


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