I think you have to be careful with civil disobedience of gun laws.

Yes, the lower courts ruled and SCOTUS let the rulings stand. It is clear that even a conservative court accepts that the nation, states and cities can impose restrictions on guns, almost anything short of a total ban is ok. Registering owners is OK. Jailing owners who don’t register is OK.

I would not want to count on lax enforcement or prosecutorial discretion to keep me out of jail. You never know when a new sheriff or district attorney will decide to come for you.

What do you mean “Criminals don’t buy guns through legal channels.” Many of the shooters in killings bought their guns thru legal channels. Even gang members with no criminal record bought guns legally before they used them to commit crimes. It is a lot easier to buy a gun thru legal channels than to get one on the black market. The black market has a small supply and a bigger markup.

Pulse night club shooting

Vegas Shooting


The shooters bought their guns through legal channels.

Yeah, background checks don’t stop criminals with no record.

2 million purchases were stopped by background checks that uncovered a criminal record for the purchaser. I wonder how many of those people got the gun they wanted some other way.

I think we already have more gun control than would be best but I think there needs to be some gun control.

How do you feel when you see a road sign shot full of holes?

I guess so that people who deserve to have guns can have guns we have to let some people who shouldn’t have guns have them too.


Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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