In our drive to be number one, are we hurting ourselves and others.

Does that picture resonate with you? I believe it is the source of most evil.

Is it so important to be #1 that you are willing to harm yourself and others to achieve it?

Should the U.S. undermine the competition on the world stage to maintain its position as the leading economy in the world?

On a personal and national level we do just that, we undermine those around us and on the world stage to achieve or maintain a position of supremacy. We do this even when it hurts us, makes us weaker, less healthy, less emotionally stable. Too often image is everything and substance is less important.

We justify it will all sorts of rhetoric, mind games, justifications and excuses. Are you a person who would wish a person misfortune so that you can surpass them. Faced with the choice where you and your competition might prosper and advance but attain similar levels or where you might both suffer a set back but it would hurt your competition more than it would hurt you leaving you the supreme position alone. Would you choose the latter?

I don’t believe we really desire win/win unless it makes us #1. We choose lose/lose if it the easiest way to become #1.

I believe this is most common amongst those near or at the top. For those not likely to achieve #1 status, win/win is more attractive, for those already #1 “Killing” the competition is their first impulse and the collateral damage be damned.

What is more important, the U.S. maintaining its preeminent position in the world or the prosperity of the U.S. population and the prosperity of the world’s population?


Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years