Justice is upside down

We have know for a long time, maybe even forever that the rich and privileged have always had their fingers on the scales of justice. Money and power have kept many evil persons from being brought to justice. Conversely the poor and weak innocent persons are often wrongly convicted or convinced to give false confessions to avoid being dragged through a prosecution that they have little chance will give them justice.

Enforcement agencies are coconspirators is this tragedy as they are glad to round up and punish the usual weak and poor suspects who might only be suspects because law enforcement likes to target them or the rich and powerful like law enforcement to target them.

It is time that law enforcement and prosecutors go hard after the rich and powerful for the evil they do is much more damaging than the crimes of the weak and poor. We need more focus on white collar crime and less on street crime. I will also suggest that no one be allowed to hire their own defense attorney everyone needs to be defended by the same cadre of public defenders regardless of your means.




Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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