Media Distortion and Noise

Opinion | Hunter Biden’s laptop shows mainstream media’s own information problem — The Washington Post

Opinion: Mainstream media has failed to notice its own disinformation issue

The following is my work (TEK) Sorry if the link is behind a firewall. I wrote the following as a comment to that story.

There is a false duality reflected in this story. Right Wing Media and Mainstream Media. What about Left Wing Media? Some of FOX reporting is Mainstream and some of MSNBC is clearly not Mainstream (I am talking print media, I don’t watch Video channels, I hate talking heads, text is best for words). Some of the Editorials in The Washington Post are not Mainstream. Many media (the Post included) don’t do an adequate job of differentiating Fact from Speculation. This line needs to be much brighter than current practice. In my line of business a certainty needs to have a 99% certainty with a 90% confidence. We call that an A basis. We have B basis and S basis. B basis is less certain and S basis is speculative. If something critical it needs a six sigma probability (999 out of 1000). We know how to deal with speculation or gut feel. You proceed very cautiously.

If someone gets paid for reporting the news, their credibility is suspect. Follow the money to understand the bias of the news source. I find it impossible to believe that the Post is not influenced by its major shareholder. I am no longer interested in hearing from both sides. I want to hear the truth and only the truth. Lie to me or distort the truth and I won’t believe you without powerful evidence, you will have to show me not just tell me.

To be clear, this is just how I see things, form your own opinions.




Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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