Michelle, it seems my tone was off. I was agreeing with you. I came from a similar position of supporting Trump for the good he could do, being disappointed, now I oppose Trump.

I am also disappointed that more Christians don’t reject Trump. I think you are right. I also think that the Evangelical’s approach to reduce abortions is wrong. Too much fire and brimstone and not enough loving kindness. Instead of ministering to those who need help, Evangelicals want to punish them. Instead of easing the conflict felt by those with unwanted pregnancies, Evangelicals just add to the conflict and challenges.

Some Evangelicals support policies that increase abortions. That is why the question about contraception. I think some Evangelicals care more about growing the white Christian population, that is why they support banning abortion. They are concerned with the declining white Christian fertility levels. That is why I asked about family size.

I agreed with what you said but I don’t think I agree with you more generally. That is why I pushed out some assumptions hoping you would state your position on the broader issues.

We agree on not supporting Trump just because he claims to support some things we want.

Do you think Abortion should be illegal?

Is using contraception a sin?

Do you support free daycare?

Do you support Family Medical Leave?

Are you worried that the U.S. is becoming less Christian?

Prophets and Prophesy, what are you taking about there?


Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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