Only three countries have sent people into Space. Others have gone but they rode in some other country’s vehicle.

China has one rocket and one capsule for sending people into space.

Russia is the same, one rocket and one capsule.

Both Russia and China have launched space stations and resupply capsules.

The U.S. I am not sure I can get a complete accounting.

Redstone rocket and a Mecury capsule.

Atlas rocket and a Mecury capsule

Titian rocket and a Gemini capsule

X-15 dropped from the wing of a B-52

Saturn I rocket and a Apollo capsule

Saturn V rocket and the Apollo capsule with the Lunar Module.

The Saturn Ib with an Apollo capsule and Soyuz adapter

Then the U.S. chose to go without human space flight for 6 years

The Space Launch System with its Shuttle Orbiter. Taken more people to space than anything else.

Then the U.S. decided to rely on the Russans for access to space for 10 years.

Today Americans have innovated again. Awesome and thanks Space X. Go Boeing, Lockheed and Sierra Nevada. Oh, I should not neglect Blue Origin and Scale Composite and Virgin Galactic.

Was somebody wondering if America is great?


Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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