“The old radical capitalist economics and related pseudo-representative oligarchies are collapsing around us.” Are you kidding me? We could only hope for change not expect it. If we could kill off the Oligarchs, what would take their place? We just need to put up more barriers to the ability of large Governments, NGO’s, Corporations, Banks, etc. to consolidate power. We need to break up what is big and make them small, including the very rich. Rich is ok and maybe even good but mega rich is bad. I wondered if Bill Gates did not set up a charitable foundation but instead set up a non-profit militia. For a billion a year I think you could attract and support a pretty awesome paramilitary organization, actually a company named Blackwater was able to run something like that for a big profit. Do any of the big billionaires have a massive security force? I am sure they run a big intel operation, wonder what kind of cyber security/hacking operation they run?

Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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