To each their own. Beds are great but variety is nice too. Cars, beaches, oceans, swimming pools, hot tubs, boats, tents, sleeping bags, golf greens, jungle gym, tree house, couches, chairs. I have probably shared coitus in all those settings. Sometimes the mood moved us and a bed was not available, sometimes like to golf green it was just a goofy idea and mood.

Elevators, never coitus but did some serious touching and kissing on the way back to the room. That can lead to tearing off clothes almost before the door closes and might not make it to the bed.

Sex on the beach almost never means on the sand. The sand gets all up into your business and that is not good. Towels, blankets, etc. are your friend but even better just go out into the surf. Some of the details to get that right are more graphic than I would write in a public forum.

Sad that water is not your thing. Well not sad for you, you are probably happy just the same but water can be fun. Floating, buoyancy, waves, temperature, etc, makes things different and interesting. I had an incredible shower encounter that I will never forget.

I think that the different locations help make the events more memorable. It is hard to separate the 100’s of times on the same bed from each other but the one of a kind locations make each of them memorable.


Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

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